Cooperative program with KITECH (Korea)

Cooperative program with KITECH (Korea)

Among the series of technology cooperation improving activities between Governments of Vietnam and Korea, ECO has the honor to be one of the enterprises selected to be supported in steel pipe manufacturing technology improvement.

In July 2015, the representative of ECO met the Korean Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) at the Conference on Technology transfer from Korea to Vietnam organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT). At the conference, the representatives of KITECH and ECO met each other and initially discussed on the manufacture technology as well as aspects KITECH can help ECO improve.

In August 2015, on the basis of particular cooperation between two parties, the representative delegation of KITECH visited ECO, investigated the manufacture in fact and discussed on difficulties ECO needed to overcome, then consulted ECO on technology improvement.

Above are some activities in the cooperation program between ECO and KITECH, under the technology transfer program of Korean and Vietnamese Governments. ECO sincerely appreciates this cooperation and is trying to further improve in manufacture generally, attaining the good results of technology cooperation between two parties.


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